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Tom Potrusil potrto at
Mon Sep 23 08:41:48 BST 2002

Hi guys!

I'm developing a program under KDE 3. It is a file manager. I'm developing it as a project to my college so my situation is quite serious.
The application is finished (though it does only basic stuff, but I can commit it), everything works great. It does unless I make source tarball. Then when I try to compile the project, it can't be linked together. I don't know where the problem is, but I think it is connected with the fact that when I compile it from souce tarball, it doesn't create moc files, eg. file.moc.cpp and file.moc.o. In my working directory everything works good, moc files are created. I'm using KDevelop, so it does everything for me, also the tarball.

Please if you could help me it will be great. I need it till Tuesday.

Thank you very much

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