make install fail on includes

Noa Cantin cantin at CERCA.UMontreal.CA
Fri Sep 13 21:03:04 BST 2002


there is something strange I don't understand with the ./configure generated
in the kdevelop-2.1.3 projects. When I do a 'make install', it actually
does not seems to considere the alternative install directory for
the includes I passed as argument. That is, I did

./configure --exec-prefix=mypath --prefix=mypath
make install

And make try to install my header files in /usr/local/include,
and doesn't even consider my settings. Even if I use the
switch --includedir, It still use /usr/local/include instead of

Does anyone know if this a autoconf-automake bug, or
really a bug in kde/kdevelop .am and .in files?



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