Escape parsing bug in Konqueror

Big John johnthebig66 at
Fri Sep 13 02:24:02 BST 2002

I'm a member of the css-discuss list, and we've turned up an escape
parsing bug in Konqueror that exactly mimics the way IE5.x/win 
handles escapes. Specifically, in a parsing bug hack used to
feed IE5 a different width/height value so as to compensate 
for IE5's faulty box model. 

The problem is Konqueror does not have a faulty BM, but it reads
the fudged value meant for IE5. This breaks the layout in Konq.

There is an older BMH based on parsing, but several browsers 
other than Konq. are affected by that one, requiring a second
hack to un-fix them. It's a real mess. 

This new hack seemed to have done away with the need for the
un-fix hack; That is until this Konqueror problem was discovered.
All the other major browsers have fixed this escape parsing bug,
any chance Konq. can be corrected as well?

For a good explaination of the new hack (the SBMH):
user name: css-discuss
password: letmein

I'd be happy to provide more data if needed.
Big John

"What the world needs is a good bug ring"--Big John

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