kdevelop cannot find my source files when I am looking for errors

Harald Fernengel harry at kdevelop.org
Fri Mar 29 16:16:13 GMT 2002


this is a known problem with localized versions of make and we are working on 

Temporary workaround:
Create file /usr/bin/maken containing:
export LANG=en
export LC_ALL=en
make $*

and set make program in kdevelop to "maken".

Best regards,

On Thursday 28 March 2002 10:07, Pawel Lukasiewicz wrote:
> I am new to the kdevelop programming, so I will try to explain everything
> my way.....
> Here is the problem: standard console C application "Hello world!". I make
> an error in the source file main.c: I change "return EXIT_SUCCESS" into
> "returned EXIT_SUCCESS". O.K., now I am trying to 'make' everything: I
> press F9 and "gcc" command says, that there were errors in function 'main',
> of course. Now, I am pointing with my mouse on "main.c:29: 'returned'
> undeclared (first use in this function)" (suppose, I want to find out where
> this bug is situated). When I click it, I have got the following window
> message: "/home/lukas/proj/proba1/main.c \n No such file!" (that is my own
> translation from Polish, so maybe the real English message is slightly
> different). And that is true, there is no such file in this directory,
> because every source file is situated in "/home/lukas/proj/proba1/proba1"
> directory, created by the kdevelop itself when the project was created.
> What is wrong? What should I do to be able to easily debug my programs with
> kdevelop?
> I use RedHat 7.2, KDevelop 2.1 beta 2 (compiled by myself). On KDevelop 2.0
> was the same problem.
> Please help me. Maybe I can tell gcc to produce full path of surce files
> when there is a bug?

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