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W. Tasin tasin at
Thu Mar 21 10:23:30 GMT 2002

  Stephan Kulow wrote:

>On Thursday 14 March 2002 13:38, W. Tasin wrote:
>>I see...
>>that's a problem of am_edit, because it seems that almost every file
>>(.txt, .cpp, .h, ...) inside the directory will be added to the
>>KDE_DIST-variable, if it isn't already in EXTRA_DIST.
>>KDE_DIST= and its entries are handled/created by am_edit.
>>KDevelop handles only EXTRA_DIST, _SOURCES and _HEADERS
>>That's food for coolo, maybe he can tell you if it is a bug or if there
>>is a reason to do so.
>Well, this feature is there for ethis very other non-kdevelop generated application
>(e.g. kapptemplate's). 
>I'm not sure why the option is there anyway - I'd 
>rather include all files. If kdevelop provides that feature, it should make 
Feature of KDevelop?? Do you mean the functionality of EXTRA_DIST?
BTW: Is it intended to leave the usage of EXTRA_DIST? Shouldn't the 
"admin" directory included in KDE_DIST?

That's great... sometimes software development seems to be like selling 
carpets in a bazar >;-).

>sure it's implemented properly - e.g. by implementing am_edit support for a 
>KDE_OPTIONS = noautodist line :)
Anyway the idea of using KDE_OPTIONS looks ok for me, so I will send you 
a patch for the addition you suggested.
So the developer (or better KDevelop) have/has to care about EXTRA-files 
if "noautodist" is used.

>Greetings, Stephan


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