does rpm run if not root ?

Pucci cpucci at
Sun Mar 17 20:12:49 GMT 2002

I understand you point of view, but , my probles is the following :

Some weeks ago,  I had installed the kdevelop_1.3 applicatio, with the
asspciated packages (gettext, kdoc,...) and that's works fine.

Recently, I was obliged to reinstall all my PC (windows, and Linux, with the
Suse7.1 distribution). Every think works fine, (installation, utilisation of
standards application, as internet, staroffic,...). Second step wes to
install again kdevelop_1.3 and it's associated packages. This was possible
only in root mode ( If I do not mistake, I think that the first time I could
use rpm in non root mode ?). and during the installation of the kdoc2.rpm
package, some error messages was emitted. After that rpm does not works, no
possibility to use rpm application. I quit the session , and try to enter
again in another session (normal user), The message was : ...chek if
DCOPserver was running...The kde application environment never start, only
linux in console mode could start. The startx command; lead to start kde,
with the same kind of message ...check if DCOPserver is started,...

I had installed again the Suse distribution, and before to install again the
kdevelop applicaiton, I would securise the installation.
Why the first time that works fine and now it does not?

Thanks for your suggestions .

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> On Friday 15 March 2002 16:44 pm, Pucci Carlo wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I use a Suse7.1 distribution.
> > I need to use rpm to install kedevelop application.
> >
> > I can not install the packages with rpm application, if the session is
> not root.
> >
> > Does it normal ?
> >
> > I would like to avoid to install packages in root mode.
> >
> > Do anybody know if it is possible to run rpm in non root mode ?
> I believe superuser priveleges are required to install most packages.
> Most packages install executables in one or more the bin or sbin
> directories, and possible one or more of the lib directories.  It would be
> very hard to preserve the security of your system if non-root users could
> write to those directories.
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