KDevelop/autoconf and _LDADD

Michael Edwardes Michael.Edwardes at students.dmu.ac.uk
Thu Mar 14 13:37:05 GMT 2002

Hi all,

Im writing an application that has several sub directories containing 
grouped code.  The tree as is follows, (skipping the icons etc 

- dialogs
- mymoney
- views
- widgets

The Makefile.am in kmymoney2/Makefile.am contains the following LDADD 

kmymoney2_LDADD   = ./mymoney/libmymoney.a ./dialogs/libdialogs.a 
/widgets/libwidgets.a ./views/libviews.a  $(LIB_KFILE) $(LIB_KHTML) 

The link order is wrong because we get undefined symbols when compiling
the dialogs because the dialogs use the widgets.  We 'fixed' the problem 

by redefining kmymoney2_LDADD further down after the kdevelop part in 
the Makefile.am and everything worked ok.

I recently upgraded to autoconf-2.5 so I can compile KDE 3 and autoconf 

now complains about 2 LDADD declarations.

So to fix this properly I now want to be able to tell kdevelop to put 
the entries in a certain order but cannot work out how to do this, ive 
looked at the .kdevprj but can't see anything to help me?

Thanks for any help,


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