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Tue Mar 12 23:14:29 GMT 2002

Hi Rene',

René Märten wrote:

>Hi Mailinglist,
>today i had to do adding a new translation for our project -
>If i go to menu point 'add new translation' and choose 'de', kdevelop
>show me the following error:
>| /home/killer/Projekte/kcommander3/ChangeLog: Unbalanced parentheses in
>| C++ code (or abuse of the C++ preprocessor)
>| XML error: Parse error at line 1, column 1 (unexpected end of file).
>| *** Erfolg ***
>I don't want translate the changelog for shure!
>What i must do?
Without further information its nearly impossible to give an answer (Is 
there a possibility to get this version of kcommander3? Which version of 
kdevelop do you use?).
I tried a new project and it worked fine. Even the kcommander 1.94 with 
the actual kdevelop-cvs-version doesn't show me any error (apart from 
correcting it for new autoconf and automake).

It seems that something with "cd kcommander3/kcommander3 && make 
messages" doesn't work correctly.
Something wrong with the kcommander3/ and 



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