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Wed Mar 6 13:27:42 GMT 2002

Special Sale!!!  Take $200.00 off Our Low Prices of Fine Art

Deduct and Save $200.00 on any Purchase Over $750.00
Make Your Best Deal and then take Your Discount
Up to 80% off the Publishers List Price.

Choose From: Rizzi, Fazzino, Lichtenstein, Haring, Erte, Warhol,
McKnight, Max, Kostabi, Tarkay, Dali, Miro, Vasarely, Kondakova,
or others Fine Artists.

To receive our FREE custom catalogue on CD with images
and descriptions,please provide your name, address, phone number,
fax number, email, and circle the artists you like then fax to:
(702) 921 6618 for more information.

 *Framing is Free!!     *Must Sell!!     *$1,000,000.00 Inventory!
 *Shipping is Free for domestic purchase!!
 *Must Raise Cash!!     *International Orders Welcome!!

I look forward to your reply. I will Offer you the Best Price
on the Best Fine Art available!!

     Best Regards,
     Alan Jennings
     Gallery Director

                       ----Print Form and fax to 1 (702) 921 6618----

Name __________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________

City, State Zip _______________________________________________________

Telephone Number ______________________________________________________

Fax Number ____________________________________________________________

Email _________________________________________________________________

Rizzi  Fazzino  Lichtenstein  Haring  Erte  Warhol  McKnight  Max

Kostabi  Tarkay  Dali  Miro  Vasarely  Kondakova  Agam  Picasso  

Boulanger  Britto  Other _______________

Offer expires June 2002

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