problem in extending QList (a template class)

Jens Zurheide jens.zurheide at
Sun Mar 3 18:54:44 GMT 2002


I found something interesting about templates for you at There might be more of this 
stuff in the internet.

Sunday 03 March 2002 15:17 Dung Patrick
>I want to extend QList (say a class called Chain). QList itself is a
> template class. So, what's the method to extend a template class? Thank
> you for advance.
>Is the .h file like this:
>#include <qlist.h>
>template<class Chain> class Chain : public QList {
Should read like this:
template<class T> class Chain : public QList<T> {
Note: public inheritance translates into human language as "is a".
>        Chain(); //constructor
>        ~Chain(); //destructor

template< class T>
template< class T>

Note, that all member functions' definitions (where you define what the 
member function have to do) must be in header files for template classes.

Have fun,

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