Bug report: Removed keyboard shortcuts respawn

Tim Magnussen tim at timsplace.dk
Tue Jun 11 20:25:39 UTC 2002

Hi there. Stumbled upon this minor bug.

SuSE Linux 8.0
KDevelop Version: 2.1-88
KDE 3.01

Apparently you cannot remove the default keyboard shortcuts.

How to reproduce:
- Enter {KDevelop Setup}
- Press [Keys]
- Locate the mapping for F9.
- Remove this mapping by pressing [None].
- Map F9 to "Debug Toggle Breakpoint".
- Close KDevelop
- Open KDevelop again and inspect the keyboard mapping. F9 has again 
obtained it's default action (+plus the new one).

If you instead of removing the shortcut asign it some random key 
combination (like Alt+Ctrl+Shift+4) this will be maintained.

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