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Wed Jul 24 17:53:35 BST 2002

I'm using kdevelop in combination with glimpse. There are two problems i 
can't solve:
I build a new index using the options dialog. The files to be indexed are
the documentaion of a special library. After building the new library, 
glimpse does't find any word in the index. I've build the index in the same
way kdevelop does: 
----------- CCreateDocDatabaseDlg::~CCreateDocDatabaseDlg() ---------------
*m_proc <<  "find "+ dirs +" -name '*.html' | glimpseindex " +
                    size_str +" -F -X -H "+ locateLocal("appdata","");
my command:
find <path> -name '*.html' | glimpseindex -F -X -H <home>/.kde/share/apps/kdevelop
Building the index without -X everything is ok, glimpse find all words...

If KDevelop got an result, the file <<search_result.html>> is build. in this file,
the hyperlinks were not correct, e.g.
<TR><TD><A HREF="<path>/class_TStdProbabilityStatistic.html:"> 19</A><TD>19
whats wrong??

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