anoying *bug* in kdevelop

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Fri Jul 19 03:35:35 UTC 2002

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I'm not sure if it's a bug in kdevelop or some kind of incompatibility, 
missconfiguration or something like that, after creating a project, 
everything is grey, I mean, I cannot build, configure, automake, run, I can't 
do anything, not even close the project. So, I close Kdevelop and it crashes.
The next time I run it, it auto loads the project (according to what does it 
chose to put the word Classes in the tab to see tha classes, sometimes it's 
there, sometimes it's not).
So, I press the button to run the application and it is compiled and run, but 
when it stops, KDevelop doesn't find out that is stoped, so, everything is in 
grey again, I can't compiler, configure or anything, except that this time, 
the stop button is enabled, I press it from the toolbar or from the menus, 
but nothing happen, I have to close the project (this time I'm able to do it) 
to be able to recompile.
Any idea of what's going on ?
I'm using Mdk 8.2 and I'm running CVS head of KDE (from about three ot four 
weeks ago, but Kdevelop from cvs head from today).
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