[PATCH] indentation fix for comments

Kuba Ober kuba at mareimbrium.org
Wed Jul 17 21:59:27 UTC 2002


Another small bit of indentation fixes.

This patch makes indentation work past end-of-line, and for comments. Here's 
when it will insert tabs/spaces instead of changing indentation depth of the 
whole line:
- anywhere after last non-whitespace character
- anywhere before last-non-whitespace character before beginning of the 
	abd^^^^^/* blah
	but not here, so that one-line lone comments can be aligned ^^^^^// blah
- inside of comment context, so that people can say tab-align tables inside of 
comments, etc.
/* dshfsdfhs
     fdshfj^^^^^^^djhfjsdfhksdfhsk */ 

Disregard my previous indent.patch that was posted on the list, it only 
contained the first listed functionality.

This applies cleanly to KDE_2_2_BRANCH CVS as of today.

There are still some issues with COutputWidget, but they show up only as 
inability to F4/click on errors. I'm hoping for a fix.

Cheers, Kuba Ober
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