Compile error "navigation" problem

Juergen Suessmaier juergen at
Mon Jul 15 10:39:47 UTC 2002


with kdevelop 2.1.2 on KDE 3.0 I experienced a weird problem with the
"Next/Previous error" navigation. Everything works fine (F4, shift-F4,
as well as executing these functions from the menu) unless I open a
documentation page and exit kdevelop. When reloading kdevelop, the
"Next/Previous" error functions won't work any more, they just generate
a beep. Klicking on the error message in the messages window - which usually
also brings the cursor to the line containing the error - doesn't work
either. The only solution to that problem seems to be to get rid of the
documentation pane by deleting the <project>.kdevses file.

I am able to reproduce this problem at will:

1. Remove <project>.kdevses from any project to get a "clean" kdevelop
    session, then start kdevelop
2. Edit a source file and build in some typo
3. Compile - of course aborts with an error. F4, "Next error" and clicking
    on the error message in the messages window directly leads me to the
    faulty line.
4. Step 2+3 can be repeated endlessly without having any problems
5. Open a documentation pane (for example something from the KDE library
    reference or whatever)
6. Error navigation still works as expected
7. Close and restart kdevelop
8  Compile the file with the syntax bug
9  Compiler launches error message, but F4, clicking on the error message
    or directly choosing "Next error" from the menu won't work any more.

I am using the "Tabbed Pages" (Tabulatorseiten-Modus) user interface. The
version info is:

Qt: 3.0.3
KDE: 3.0.0-10
KDevelop: 2.1.2

It is a RedHat 7.3 installtion with KDevelop pulled from CVS a couple of
days ago (the "official" version delivered with KDE3.0 also had this

Best regards,
Juergen Suessmaier
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