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Thu Jul 11 21:26:09 BST 2002

Noa Cantin wrote:

>On 11 Juillet 2002 15:42, you wrote:
>>Harald Nikolisin wrote:
>>>I am working only a few days with KDevelop, so maybe my question is
>>>formerly discussed (sorry, if that is really the case).
>>>the code completation (combo box with member of the class) works only for
>>>my own classes, not for the QT classes.
>>>Is it not implemented yet, or is my KDevelop misconfigured?
>>The implementation of your wish exists. See the Patches page on
>> See also the reason why 2.1.x only provides code
>>completion of the .kdevprj itself.
>>F at lk
>I personally would be interested to include not only the local classes to my 
>project and the qt and kde classes, but the classes from other libraries
>as well. I understand the time limitation at startup, but looking up manually
>for the methods in classes is even more a burden for me. Is there any solution
>to come?
KDevelop-3.0 will parse on demand, means the current implementation has 
got a class store that only will be updated when something changes. That 
significantly reduces the startup time of projects.
Code completion in such a version can be extended in a way that is 
parses base libs, additionally. But I don't know if it's configurable 
that you can add any base lib it should parse, too.

F at lk

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