(QT Project && KDevelop 2.1.2 && autoconf-2.53a) == fail

Hynek Schlawack hynek at hys.in-berlin.de
Fri Jul 5 16:22:43 UTC 2002


although I'm quite sure it's a lame question I need to solve it ASAP... 
The Facts: I have to write a project using Qt and KDevelop (that's the
fate of being on the same university like Sandy Meier :)). So I wanted
to start recently but KDevelop refuses to create the project with the
error that "AC_Dest" ain't defined. The strange thing is that
KDE-Projects go perfectly...how can I solve that? I can only downgrade
to autoconf 2.13 and that's to low for it. I searched Google,
Groups.Google, the Forums/Lists/FAQs of my Linux-Distribution and also
the KDevelop-Forum/Lists but I didn't find anything...

Can anybody please help? I'm used to use just vim and
make/autoconf/automake... :/


P.S. It's a gentoo-linux-System if that matters.

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