how to apply Design Pattern [Command] in Qt/KDE?

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Tue Feb 26 13:43:33 GMT 2002

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> Both books talked about many useful design pattern.
> But I want to apply the design pattern in Qt
> (Command Pattern) but cannot get any hints. For
> Java, it has a ActionLisntener to call the execute
> method. How to do this with the signal and slot in
> Qt?

    I've been working with Qt for several months now
and Java for more than a year.  From my perspective
the Signal/Slot solution in Qt is _very_ similar in
result to the event model java has with the
ActionListener interface.  The biggest difference is
that in Qt you can specify a specific method to be the
target rather than just the actionPerformed() method
in Java.

    If you look at the below code the end result is

---- Java ----
class Bar {
    // whatever data is needed to store the Listener
    addActionListener(ActionListener al) {
        // do whatever is done to handle the Listener
class Foo implements ActionListener {
    Foo() {
        Bar b = new Bar();

    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
    void doSomething() {
        // process the event
---- Qt ----
class Bar : public QObject {
        void eventPerformed();
class Foo : public QObject {
        Foo() {
            Bar * b = new Bar();
            // this connect has the same result as
            // the addActionListener does in the
            // above Java example.
            connect(b   , SIGNAL( eventPerformed() ),
                    this, SLOT  ( doSomething()    )
    public slots:
        void doSomething() {
            // process the event
---- end examples ----

    I hope this helps.

Chris Ryan

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