install directory notation

Werner Joss werner at
Sat Feb 23 14:27:41 GMT 2002

On Saturday, 23. February 2002 13:53, W.Tasin wrote:
> Hi Werner,
> should work in the CVS version...
> To reset these settings you should use "Project"->"File Properties",
> select there the datafiles, which will be installed (e.g. icons). Then
> you can reset the installation directory. Unfortunately on your version
> every "update of" (e.g. on adding a new subdirectory, etc.)
> will add another $ sign to variables like $(kde_datadir).
> As mentioned above this should be corrected in the actual version, but
> on projects done with older kdevelop you have to do the correction once,
> too.
> Ciao
> Walter

thanks, Walter,
I will try it, but will kdevelop from cvs compile/run on kde2.2.2 (and will 
it be able to create apps for kde 2 ?) - I thought everything in cvs is right 
now for kde3...


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