install directory notation

Werner Joss werner at
Sat Feb 23 11:59:32 GMT 2002

Hi list,
currently, I'm fiddling around with the notation of install directories 
(namely kde_datadir and kde_icondir) in kdevelop.
the weird thing is, that when I mention a directorie in the file-properties 
dialog like '$$(kde_datadir...' as I saw in the examples, it happens to be
'$$$$(kde_datadir..' afterwards - this is also what I can see in 
as a consequence, when trying to install my project, I get errors like this:

/bin/sh ../admin/mkinstalldirs 
/bin/sh: kde_datadir: command not found

the only way around this I found so far is:
edit <myproject>.kdevprj and manually to get everything working.
this seems to work until I add new files in kdevelop, or make changes to 
existing file's properties - again all will be messed up as described.

does anyone know how to fix this ?
using kdevelop 2.0.2 on kde 2.2.2, compiled from source

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