Printing using Enscript

Paul Jewell paul at
Sun Feb 10 08:31:40 GMT 2002

Good morning all,

I have posted about this once a few weeks back, but judging by the response I 
am in a in a minority of one with this problem!

I would like to print source code out using a fixed font, as shown on screen, 
but so far I have been unable. If I click the print button on the toolbar, 
the printout is converted from a fixed font to a proportional font, with all 
the problems that introduces. It doesn't make any difference whether I 
preview or not.

If I add the enscript filter, I get an error message:

A Print error occured. Error message received from system:

Error while filtering. Command was: enscript -M A4 -E -p %out %in


I am using a standard SuSE 7.3 installation, configured for CUPS printing, 
and KDevelop 2.0.2. I have configured my system to use anti-aliased Truetype 
fonts, but the problem exists both in the current configuration and in the 
non-anti-aliased configuration. I recognise that this problem may have 
nothing to do with kdevelop, but I am hoping that someone else would have 
come across it in the same way I did. 

Note: If I type "lpr test.h" from the konsole, I get what I am looking for.

Since I know that some of the developers of kdevelop read these messages, may 
I take the opportunity to congratulate you on an excellent piece of software!

Paul Jewell

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