is it still possible to build Gideon for KDE 2.2?

Adam Dingle adam at
Mon Feb 4 17:43:56 GMT 2002

The README file in the kdevelop source directory says "Currently, compile and 
execution is supported for both KDE 2.2 and KDE 3 (HEAD)", and it gives 
instructions for building Gideon under KDE 2.2 using the --enable-gideon-qt2 
flag.  I suspect, however, that building Gideon under KDE 2.2 is no longer 
supported, because:

1. I can't find the string "gideon-q2" anywhere in the configure file.
2. the CVS log for the file (see shows that the file was 
changed on January 5 (by harald) with the comment "Removed compatibility with 
Qt2 / KDE2", and that CVS revision removed code including the 

But I'm still a little confused.  Can I build the latest version of Gideon 
for KDE 2.2 if I check out the branch KDE_2_2_BRANCH?

If it's not possible to build the latest version of Gideon for KDE 2.2, 
PLEASE update the README file to say this - otherwise more people will get 
confused like me.  Thanks!


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