How to get KDevelop Search to work?

David Ferguson DavidAFerguson_ng at
Tue Dec 24 07:03:01 GMT 2002

I can not get the "Search for Help on ..." on feature to work.

When I select
  Help --> Search for Help on ...

and enter some text, like

The status bar will say
  Searching selected text in documentation...

but nothing will ever happen.

If I 'su root' first before running kdevelop, the same search will work.

When creating the indexes I had to switch the group of

to 'fergusda' (thats me) in order to give me enough rights to generate the

I am guessing that as a normal user I don't have rights to something that
is preventing the search from happening.

  Mandrake 8.1

  Linux 2.4.8-26mdk

  KDevelop 2.0.1 (Using KDE 2.2.1)

  Using ht:/dig for indexing (glimpse not installed)

  KDevelop Setup
      Qt-Library-Doc:  /usr/share/doc/qt-2.3.1/html/
      KDE-Library-Doc: /usr/share/doc/HTML/en/

      Qt 2.x directory: /usr/lib/qt2/
      KDE 2.x directory: /usr/lib/kde2/

    Default Project Path
      Project Path: /home/fergusda/src

  Appears to store index and stuff here:



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