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Caleb Tennis caleb at aei-tech.com
Wed Dec 18 13:48:43 GMT 2002

As some of you have already noticed, http://dot.kde.org has picked up the news 
story of KDevelop's rankings.  My thanks go out to Andreas Pour who was able 
to take a rather poorly written submission on my part and transform it into 
something much better before putting it on the dot.

Now, let's focus on Gideon.  I believe it's been decided to try and release 
Alpha 3 at the same time as KDE 3.1, which as of right now is scheduled for 
January 8th (3 weeks from today).  I plan to finish some documentation issues 
and tackle bug reports in the next three weeks.  I know that some of you have 
a few more "features" that you would like to get implemented; I hope that you 
will be able to accomplish that in the next few weeks.

If the KDE release date changes (particularly if it gets pulled closer), I 
will let you know ASAP so that we can still attempt to release at the same 

After Alpha 3, I would like to think we can start working on stablizing 
everything enough to make it beta.  I plan to also craft up some standards 
documents over the holiday and submit them for comment so we can figure out a 
good way to handle some issues that as of right now "just work".

Also, I will ask the packagers to compile with --enable-debug to make 
backtraces more meaningful.

Please let me know if you have any concerns or comments prior to this next 

Caleb Tennis
Analytical Engineering, Inc.

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