Caleb Tennis caleb at
Thu Dec 12 12:49:57 GMT 2002

> What the hell happened to RedHat 8.0?  Sorry if I'm
> steppin' on toes, but the new redhat seriously sucks!
> I'm disappointed; and what the hell happened to KDE?
> I was expecting something amazing, honestly, I think
> they have gone a step backwards in time here.  I heard
> that RH messed with KDE; that is an understatement!
> It looks like `low fat' Gnome.

If you've got a day or two free to play, I highly recommend  I just installed a new system based on their
recommendations and manual and it runs superbly.  I have a 2.6ghz with 512k
of ram and it always bogged down running kde, and now I barely use 1/3 of
the ram when I'm running a ton of stuff.  I started with RH7.0 and used RPM
upgrades, but I like bleeding edge KDE stuff so in quite a few cases I
compiled my own apps instead of RPMming them...which will cause so many
dependency problems it's not funny.

Plus, everything is tucked nicely into its own little location and it's easy
to find and upgrade when the time comes.  I don't end up wasting tons of
space on libraries and binaries that I don't need.

Just a thought


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