Roger D. Vargas rogerdv at
Thu Dec 12 12:12:44 GMT 2002

El Mié 11 Dic 2002 19:33, Edward Wilson escribió:
> What the hell happened to RedHat 8.0?  Sorry if I'm
> steppin' on toes, but the new redhat seriously sucks!
> I'm disappointed; and what the hell happened to KDE?
> I was expecting something amazing, honestly, I think
> they have gone a step backwards in time here.  I heard
> that RH messed with KDE; that is an understatement!
> It looks like `low fat' Gnome.
Get the latest kde updates from redhat updates. It fixes some minor problems 
but still it is 3.0.3 (I was expecting a 3.0.5). And change the look to 
keramik and you will see that kde is indeed amazing. Bluecurve is crappy.

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