[BUG]: "Go to declaration" and "Go to definition" are reversed in TreeView "classes" tab

Jeannot Langlois langj00 at dmi.usherb.ca
Wed Oct 31 22:24:41 GMT 2001


I found another bug in KDevelop 1.4:  When I right-click on a FUNCTION
in the "Classes" Tab from the Tree View, I get a contextual menu giving,
among other options, the possibility to go directly to that function's
definition  (.c/cpp file) or declaration (.h file).

If I choose any function in my project, and then right-click on it, and
I choose "Go to definition", I find myself into the .h file (which is
wrong, should rather be the .c/cpp file where that function

Same thing for "Go to declaration".  If I click on "Go to declaration",
I find myself into the .c/cpp file (which is also wrong, and should
rather be the .h file, where the function DECLARATION is located).

Basically, actions of "Go to declaration" and "Go to definition" seem to

I hope this bug report will help.


Jeannot Langlois
Computer Science CO-OP student
Universite de Sherbrooke
Quebec, Canada
langj00 at dmi.usherb.ca
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