C/C++ projects don't work for suse 7.2, suse7.3 and upcoming kdevelop 2.0.2

W. Tasin tasin at ee.fhm.edu
Tue Oct 30 14:36:01 GMT 2001

Hi *,

I heard you!
I'm trying to install kdevelop KDE_2_2_BRANCH on my new SuSE 7.3 system,
but I still have problems with the uic from QT 2.3.1 (I guess a version
conflict), so I have no running version to test it.

Ralf Nolden schrieb:
> On Tuesday, 30. October 2001 11:30, you wrote:
> > > I'll check that today on my SuSE 7.3 system. Shouldn't we change the C
> > > and C++ templates to use admin also ? 

Yes of course, but it would be very complicated IMHO. The system has
completely changed with configure.in.min etc. and to be honest I haven't
understood completetly, which file(s) I have to change to override the
standard qt/kde-configure checks and leave only libtool-checks for
c-language and libtool-checks for c++ in it (where libtool-checks for
c-language will be the greater problem).

Anyway I'm trying to make it runnable and having a look at it, but I
think it takes some time.

> > > This would simplify things a lot in
> > > maintaining them and Walter doesn't need to be bugged every once in a
> > > while
> >
> > That would be nice. You only need to stop the build-system from checking
> > for QT and KDE libs. Although I remember, that there were som problems with
> > that - didn we talk about that some months ago?
> Hmm...I have Walter's mobile number but he isn't available right now. If
> there aren't any news until tomorrow we should do it on friday. I need to
> install a network for my dad on thursday, so you guys probably need to figure
> that out alone on friday. I can be of help (if my fathers' machines are all
> up by saturday) on saturday again.
> >
> > Another question - I still have some computers here with 7.1. Do the new
> > scripts also work with the old stuff?
> Yes, they are supposed to do that AFAIK because Adrian is building the KDE
> packages with the same admin also from SuSE 6.4 upwards.
> Ralf



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