Please test KDevelop from CVS for upcoming version 2.0.2

August Hörandl august.hoerandl at
Sun Oct 28 12:19:07 GMT 2001

"F at lk Brettschneider" wrote:
> Hi,
> The CVS-version of KDevelop on branch KDE_2_2_BRANCH contains an
> improved version of the debugger now.

ok - it compiles ;-) (on a suse 7.3)

hoerandl at goedel:~> kdevelop
kdecore (KAccel): WARNING: cannot connect action Mittels grep suchen
which is not in the object dictionary
QObject::connect: Incompatible sender/receiver arguments
        QSignal::x(int) --> CKDevelop::slotHelpTipOfDay(bool)
QGList::locate: Index 0 out of range
QGList::locate: Index 1 out of range
QGList::locate: Index 2 out of range
QGList::locate: Index 3 out of range
QGList::locate: Index 4 out of range
QGList::locate: Index 5 out of range

this warning are ok ?

new and strange:
 my application uses different fonts: normal run ist ok, run with
 debugger uses much smaller fonts (i used a kde mini with some buttons,
 and edit fields)
new ?
 i use "german" - the browser shows strange characters instead of the Ü
 Übersetzungen - but that may be a translation or suse problem 


August Hörandl
august.hoerandl at     LINUX - may the Source be with you!

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