Award for KDevelop

Ralf Nolden nolden at
Sat Oct 20 10:48:53 BST 2001

Hi guys,

back from Munich, Germany, I want to share with you that we got the Linux New 
Media award for the best development software category for KDevelop, whooohoo 

The award was given on thursday at 5 pm at the Systems Computer expo in 
Munich with a large KDE crowd accompaying us as KDE at the same time won the 
award for the best client-side software for Konqueror, which was taken by 
Martin Konold on that behalf. Overall the expo, we had a quite large booth 
compared to last year (not like on LinuxTag but we weren't able to influence 
that much) with very much interest of visitors for the development tools as 
well as printing with KDE. Next week the dot will probably run a story on 
that as soon as pictures can be provided.

The award was accompanied by a 3000,- DM donation (~$1400). I asked Martin 
Konold to take the check with him to put the money on the bank account of the 
KDE e.V. to meet everyones interest, but we're free to do with the money what 
we want. Due to the current financial situation everywhere, I suggest that we 
leave the money on the behalf of KDE for the time and use it either on a 
KDE/KDevelop meeting to refund travel expenses and such or for developers 
among us who are in need of new hardware in case of hardware failures or if 
you're running a 486 machine still - then you should feel free to speak up so 
we can help you out with some funding like we did already with the help of 
Lineo sponsoring us with money for machines. To the guys on the kdevelop list 
who are using kdevelop and want to help us and KDE, feel free to give 
donations to the KDE e.V. here:

Thanks for your attention and your good work!


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