kio_sftp and kio_scp

Steven Suson suson at
Fri Oct 19 23:46:28 BST 2001


    Thank you very much for the tarball. I have already brought it into KDevelop,
and rolled an RPM, which is already installed on 2 of my machines. So far it works
great, except for the SSH 2.4.0 servers we have here (wrong SSH2_FILEXFER_VERSION).
Also, I did run into something very interesting, having to do with the configure
script. If I use the "--disable-debug", the slave doesn't work. However, by setting
--enable-debug, everything works wonderfully. I also added explicit support for SSH
3.0.1. After further testing, and such, I can send the changes along, if you like.
Myself, and some of my cohorts have been wanting something like this for a LONG
time, so many kudos to you!

Steven Suson
"Keep the faith."

Lucas Fisher wrote:

> I can speak for kio_sftp. I don't have any plans on getting it included in
> 2.2.2.  Sorry, you will have to wait for KDE 3 for it to be included in the
> packages.  I do have a tarball which I have successfully used with 2.2.1 and
> contains the current code.  You can get it here:
> If you do use it, please let me know if you find any problems or annoyances.
> Lucas

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