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David McGlone dmcglone at
Thu Oct 11 11:26:42 BST 2001

On Wednesday 10 October 2001 11:32 pm, you wrote:
> Hi
> been using Kdevelop for a little while though not amazingly extensively.
> I got used to a window setup with class lists, functinos lists, etc on hte
> left, and my code files on the right.. all in one window. code had tabs to
> select other open files.. debug and error plus stdout were at the bottom.
> Now after I moved from 1.4 I can't get back to this setup. the lists are
> sometimes there but the code files are either nowhere or appear as child
> windows. (which means it covers the kdevelop main window)
> I can't believe i can't figure this out, so at risk of sounding stupid I
> need someone ot either say.. press this click htere.. or tell me it can't
> be done so I feel better.

sorry I can't give you exact info right now, but you can change that in the 
properties just find the properties for Kdevelop and change it from child 
view to tab view.

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