Urgent help needed: How to import an project

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Sat Oct 6 23:36:37 BST 2001


"Jesper K. Pedersen" wrote:
> Anno v.Heimburg <anno at vonheimburg.de> writes:
> | Am Saturday 06 October 2001 16:56 schrieben Sie:
> | > Hi.
> | > I'm giving a presentation next week, where I will talk about KDevelop, but
> | > I have some problems getting started.
> | >
> | > The point is that I want to import an existing project into KDevelop. The
> | > project consists of a number of C++ files and header files, and is compiled
> | > using a Makefile.
> | >
> | > How do I get around importing this into KDevelop without creating a
> | > Makefile.am first, and without KDevelop copies all the files to a new
> | > directory?
> |
> | In kdevelop, do project->generate project file. Select the directory your
> | existing project is in. kdevelop will create an appropriate project file in
> | that directory. After that you can open the project by doing project->open
> | project and choosing the project file you just created.
> Ahh OK. Thanks.
> I got so confused by the project not being opened when I did the create
> project file.
This bug has been fixed by harryF for KDevelop version 2.0.2 coming up
next with KDE-2.2.2
If anyone has a new bugfix, don't hesitate to send the patch, it'll go
into KDevelop-2.0.2.

F at lk

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