whishitem: import (add) complete directories with sources recursively to projects

Martin nldudok1 at olifantasia.com
Wed Oct 3 23:49:01 BST 2001

When working on existing large projects it is a very lot of work to add all 
You can add files, but you have to enter every subdirectory of your project 
individually and select all .c and .h files
Alternatively you can copy all files manually into the kdevelop project 
directory. Restart kdevelop (it sees the files then). But then you still have 
to click on every file to add it to the project. There is no multiple select 

I therefore suggest the next two possible solutions: 

Solution one:
add a menu option: add directories (recursively)
with a filter for the wanted files   (*.c and *.cpp and *.h or all files)

Solution two:
allow multiple selection in the File view of the project  which works with 
the right mouse option add to project. Also the addition of directories 
should be allowed.

With regards,

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