Red Hat RPM's

Steven Suson suson at
Wed Oct 3 20:36:22 BST 2001

Arcin Bozkurt - Archie wrote:

> it sounds things are not going smooth on the packaging front of KDE for
> RedHat...

Sorta got that..... I've done a LOT of packaging on Red Hat, and was hoping maybe a collaborative effort

> Steven Suson wrote:
> >    Does anyone know why official (or unofficial for that matter) RPM's
> >for KDE 2.2.1 on Red Hat did not include kdepim (couldn't get to install
> >after building, having to do w/ the ical libs), kdemultimedia (which I
> >was able to build using a slightly updated spec file), kdeutils(!!!)
> >(also got to build `a la kdemultimedia), and the kde-i18n (got it to
> >work w/ the old spec file, slightly updated, and only including
> >languages I need)?
> >
> >TIA,
> >Steven Suson
> >"Keep the faith."
> >

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