Doc in another language: II

Anne-Marie a-m.mahfouf at
Sun Jun 17 08:40:53 UTC 2001

- about french accents displayed in Qt: I solved the problem, when I type é
in designer, it is transformed in some garbage by the uic command so we must
code all text directly in the class using QString::

- now my question: is it possible to start a new project with kdevelop and
to have the "fr" folder in /doc and not the "en" folder?
If not, what should I do to develop a project in french?

(please remember that this question is for a company manager who wants to
develop specific software for his french company and does not need to have
an english version.
I really would need an answer as if we can't help people to start with
kdevelop, they will go to another desktop/software.)


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