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Bernd Gehrmann bernd at
Wed Jun 13 20:19:43 UTC 2001

On Sun, 10 Jun 2001, Marcus Gruendler wrote:

Ok, third chapter :-)

> * I find the project tab with two views (subprojects on top, categories or
>   programs on bottom) a little confusing, since I don't understand their
>   purpose. (This could of course be caused by my own incompetence ;)

The purpose of separating them is that you get lost in the tree very
quickly when you put both together. In my initial implementation, I
did it this way, and found myself scrolling up and down all the time in
order to find the target I was searching. Also, the tree can become
quite wide. When targets are separated from subdirectories, the width
of the subdirectories tree doesn't matter so much because most of the
time you work in one directory and not across several. At least this
is my personal experience.

>   I think the project management should be centralized in one dialog where
>   all customization are performed. Currently you have to right click on a
>   subproject in order to adjust compiler settings and right click on a 
>   program in order to adjust linker flags. 

Making a separate dialog would certainly solve some of the problems I
described above, because then a larger part of the tree could be dis-
played. I think deciding between a separate dialog and the always 
visible embedded view is a matter of taste, so I'm undecided about it.

The compiler settings are on a per-subproject basis because automake
implements is that way. AFAICT, the next automake version will support
per-target options, so we should also support this later when it
becomes standard.

> * The classes-view should be organized in subprojects as well, since often you
>   split a large project into smaller subprojects in order to handle less 
>   classes/files to look at.


> * The order of the tabs should be changed, so that the "Books" tab is further
>   on the right and "Project" and "Classes" are visible at first. 

Hmm, that's not trivial because the order is more or less 'random'...

> (There seems 
>   to be a bug in my version which inserts two "Watch" tabs instead of one.)

Maybe one from the java debugger? 

> * The "Watch" view should not be the same as in KDevelop-1.4 since it is very 
>   difficult to watch variable values when variable names are long. Then the 
>   width of the name column is resized to the full length of the name and you
>   have to scroll to the variable value on every change. If the variable value
>   is put on the next line ( or as a child of the name entry ) this does not 
>   happen.

Would it be an alternative to truncate the first column and avoid
horizontal scrolling?


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