Problems installing and running Gideon

Marcus Gruendler runner at
Wed Jun 13 09:01:15 UTC 2001

On Tuesday 12 June 2001 22:55, you wrote:
> On Sun, 10 Jun 2001, Marcus Gruendler wrote:
> > * Every time project settings have been changed which implies a rerun of
> >   configure or other tools, this should be performed automatically, just
> >   the way KDevelop 1.4 does it already.
> Done.


> > * Clicking on an error or warning in the message view should show the
> >   corresponding line in the editor.
> This could have been broken because I experimented a bit with the parsing
> code. Now I've taken the consequences and written a part that allows the
> debugging of regular expressions without recompiling :-) The message view
> should now work both with gcc, jade and ftnchek messages.

Wow, that's a good idea. This brings me to another idea. When you develop in 
C++ and use C++-strings or other template based classes, you  often get 
nearly unreadable compiler error messages when there is an error in a 
function that uses such a class. Since the whole template of for example a 
std::string is expanded and you get very very long typenames in the error 
message such as:

basic_string<char,string_char_traits<char>,__default_alloc_template<true,0> > 

It would be nice if there was an option in Gideon, which abbreviates template 
names by removing everything between < and > like 

basic_string< ... >

Since the messages are highlighted there must be some parsing of these 
messages already. It shouldn't be too hard then to omit all text between <> 

That would make C++ debugging much easier.

Bye, Marcus

Marcus Gruendler
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