Project wizard problem in 1.4.1 on RedHat 7.1

Tillman Hodgson tillman at
Wed Jun 13 03:18:02 BST 2001


I'm a new user of Kdevelop, though I'm familiar with the standard
bash/vim/make/gcc text-based IDE ;-)

In KDevelop 1.4.1 (as distributed with RedHat 7.1 with all updates applied)
the new project wizard appears to consistently hang in a perl subprocess for me.

When trying the create a KDE2-mini app with the wizard I had to kill it when
it hit 234M (as reported by `top`), which seemed suspicious to me.  Multiple
tries of KDE2-mini (as well as type "normal") show the problem as repeatable
on my system. A `locate` for kde2mini doesn't return any matches, so I don't
have any information on what that perl script is doing, though I assume the
folks on the list can help me with that <s>.

I believe this is the same problem reported in teh thread that begins at (though the disk
activity is due to swapping IMO).

Is this a known problem? Is there a work around?

System info:

$ rpm -q kdevelop
$ rpm -q perl
$ rpm -q qt
$ rpm -q qt-devel

Thanks muchly,


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