c++ exceptions and tarballs?

Robin Kirkman robin at drrobin.yi.org
Sun Jun 3 20:48:27 BST 2001

I have written a program in KDevelop 1.4, c++, which relies heavily upon C++
exception handling (throw, catch). From the project directory itself, it
compiles just fine.

However, I tried making a source tarball with the Project->Make
Distribution->Source-tgz menu option and testing it in a separate directory, and
it failed horribly. Specifically, the g++ is being passed -fno-exceptions, which
I suppose optimizes most code, but is deadly to mine. I tried setting a compiler
flag from the project compile options (-fexceptions) but it had no effect. I
could find no way from within Kdevelop to disable -fno-exceptions, and i simply
do not grok the autoconf generated scripts well enough to mess with them.

Anyone have a solution?

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