Best KDE development tools... help... Borland Kylix?

Roland Krause rokrau at
Fri Jun 1 03:53:51 UTC 2001

--- Bernd Gehrmann <bernd at> wrote:
> Furthermore, it has its own compiler and project management. You can
> not take a Kylix project and just recompile it on Solaris or even on
> LinuxPPC. This is what I would call a typical lock-in environment.

You are correct about the problem with proprietary compilers although
"good", "clean" code "should" compile on different compilers. Most
"GNU" code already has the problem that it will not compile with
"native" compilers. This is especially so when it comes to C++. So the
"lock  in"  argument holds either way. 
> OTOH, the price argument is moot. $199 is a lot less than the price
> for a commercial Qt license. 

Are you sure that you will get a commercial Qt license for 199$? Or is
this a license for the Kylix Qt wrapper and you can only use it from
Kylix "Turbo Pascal". Do you have any experiences with this? 


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