Sat Jul 28 20:29:27 BST 2001

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s.buys at writes:

> Under Project -> Options -> Linker Options add -lSDL -lSDLmain -lpthread to 
> the additional libraries input box (add -lGL -lGLU if you want to use it 
> OpenGL with it) Obviously the right header files need to be included as 
> well... (sorry for the insultingly obvious) There is also a the command 
> sdl-config --libs --cflags for additional clues

I did all that but the Make doesnt work. 

I put #include <SDL.h>

and the message error is: SDL.h:no such file or directory.

PS: When you say that "sdl-config --libs --cflags" is a command, does that 
mean it can be invoked from a command window?  if so, it doesnt work for me 
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