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On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 08:32:06PM -0400, NERILL at wrote:
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> writes:
> That's a part of KDElibs for aRts. You don't necessarily need it for your 
> widget as long as you're not doing sound synthesizing stuff :)  I will CC you 
> to Stefan Westerfeld, maybe he can give you some info.
> The problem with the error: "the important program mcopidl was not found! "
> is that it makes the build-configure terminate in error.
> and this doesnt permit me to do afterwards F8-make, and thus I get stuck and 
> cannot continue.
> The other tutorial example "KScribble" gives the same error.

Well, mcopidl is a part of KDE and as such is detected on configure time, so
that you can use it in your applications. So the easiest and most correct way
to fix this is to install the package that contains mcopidl. If it is not
in kdelibs (or kdelibs-devel), it might well be in arts (or arts-devel) or
kdelib-sound or something like this.

You might of course be able to fool configure by adding an empty program and
calling it mcopidl, but well, I think you might as well try to find the real
package, that shouldn't be much harder.

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