David Findlay david_j_findlay at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jul 23 23:45:08 BST 2001

On Tue, 24 Jul 2001 03:02, August Hörandl hit his keyboard with his head and 
the result was this:
> David Findlay wrote:
> > Few things I would personally like to see:
> >
> > - Integrated Dialog editor that functions like the ones in various
> > Windows IDEs
> please be more specific - little windows and no windows ides around here
> :-)

What I meant was, like you have your dialog box on the screen, you 
double-click on an object, a window pops up, then you enter the code for that 
object. And using an integrated dialog editor would be nice.

> > - Easier to understand documentation
> feel free to write something ;-) or at least tell us which parts are
> hard to
> understand

I haven't looked through the whole lot yet, but in chapter 6 where it says 
about how to create a menu, there could be a bit more in the way of 
description. When you create a program using KDE Mini wizard, you don't have 
a function called KTMainWindow, which is where it says to put it.

> > - If you can't do the first one, at least create a .ui file for QT
> > Designer, when you run the app wizard, so you can edit your form?
> which version of kdevelop are you using ? new ones use the qt designer,
> the
> internal dialog editor is long gone since
> there is a nice tutorial on howto create such a form:
>   http://women.kde.org/docs/tut_kdevelop/

Okay, thanks, I'll look at that.


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