QT Designer: How to enable resize behaviour for single line edit boxes?

Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Sat Jul 21 09:58:08 BST 2001

On Friday, 20. July 2001 13:14, you wrote:
> Hello all,
> perhaps a simple questions, but anyway:
> I followed the very good tutorial on womens.kde.org, but didn't
> get the single line edit boxes resizable. However, the multiline
> becomes automatically resized.  I wasn't able to figure out the
> difference.
> Please, can anybody give me answer to these questions :
> 1. Whats the resizing difference between lineedit and multilineedit?
> 2. How do I enable the resizing feature for the single line edit box ?
> 3. Is there a QT Designer FAQ somewhere, where I can find this kind of
> informations?
> Thanks in advance
> Lars Güsmar

Moin Lars,

you probably did a handling mistake that is quite common. You need to enable 
a geometry management. If the red toolbar items for these come available, you 
can apply them to your widget. Besides marking severals to do a layout group, 
you need to enable a layout on your main widget, tabs and groupboxes 
implicitely (that's where they are available at also). If you have still some 
problems, send me your ui file and I'll have a look. Alternatively, you could 
join irc.kde.org channel #kde and we'll have a look there.

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