configure: error: Qt-1.4 (libraries) not found

Ralf Nolden nolden at
Thu Jul 19 22:54:00 BST 2001

On Thursday, 19. July 2001 21:22, you wrote:
> Hi, I am new to KDevelop.
> I tried to follow the simple example by Petr Sorfa at
> but I always get: error "configure: error: Qt-1.4 (libraries) not found.
> Please check your installation! "
> I try to tackle the problem like he says and edit the configure file but it
> doesnt work.
> Any suggestions?

Version of KDevelop you use and the KDE version is required :) As you say 
that Qt 1.4 can't be found it's probably kdevelop 1.3 or earlier, so I 
suggest you update to KDE 2.1 with KDevelop 1.4 and Qt-2.3.1. Then you should 
have absolutely no problems :)


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