Feature request:Code formatting policies

Pabs pabs3 at crosswinds.net
Mon Jul 16 09:20:50 BST 2001

Feature request
Code formatting policies:
IDE developers (KDevelop, VIDE, RHIDE, Komodo, emacs modes etc ) could colaborate
to define an XML namespace DTD that can represent code formatting policies.
Each software package (the GIMP, KDE, Apache, Linux etc) could then distribute
these files with the src, and the code editors/IDEs of people who write code
for these projects could either enforce these policies through automatic formatting
or indicate parts of the code that don't conform to the policy.

positioning of braces in C/C++
whitespace in function calls
whitespace around operators

Why XML instead of just sample source files - easier to determine if policy
documents conform to the standard, more flexible, multiple languages easily

The result might be more accepted patches, less work for maintainers -> better
software, faster


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