Xlib extension "RENDER" missing on display ":0.0".

Marcus Gruendler runner at tamalin.de
Sun Jul 15 12:08:02 BST 2001

On Sunday 15 July 2001 07:39, you wrote:
> Hello everyone,

Hello Vaughan,

> I have been using KDevelop for about a month now, I had some serious
> installation problems to begin with, but they were all eventually sorted
> out. But ever since I got KDevelop working I have been getting the
> following message:
> Xlib extension "RENDER" missing on display ":0.0".
> Does anyone know why I am getting the Xlib message and/or a way that I may
> be able to get rid of it?

You get this messages because you are using XFree 3.x. When you upgrade to 
the latest XFree 4.x the message disappears and all QT-based application will 
render their fonts anti aliased. That's all, nothing serious :-)

> Also I would like to know if any work is being done with KDevelop to allow
> for the creation of Python programs using PyQt/PyKDE. I think KDevelop is a
> great IDE, and that would make it just so much better.

Their is a development version of KDevelop called Gideon which will provide 
this functionality. But it will take some time until a release.

Bye, Marcus

Marcus Gruendler
eMail: runner at tamalin.de
WWW  : http://www.tamalin.de/runner/index_en.html

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