Small Bug in KDevelop 1.3

ChadWaldman at ChadWaldman at
Mon Jul 9 22:02:25 BST 2001

Hello. I am running RedHat Linux 6.2, KDE 1.1.2, and KDevelop 1.3. I noticed 
a small bug. When you have the option "Replace Tabs" turned on, to replace 
tabs with spaces, the un-indent command only moves the highlighted line(s) 
back one space at a time. It should move the line(s) back by n spaces (where 
n represents the value specified for "Tab Width"). 

I know you are working on a newer version of KDevelop, but I need to use 
version 1.3 because I am not ready to upgrade my version of KDE. Is there a 
way I could possibly fix this, without too much trouble?

Thank you,
Chad Waldman
chadwaldman at
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