Sharing code

Dennis Jarosch dennis.rox at
Sat Dec 29 22:55:35 GMT 2001


I have written a connection class for my applications and now I'd like
to use it a client/server app.
I know this question has been asked before, but the archives didn't
really help me! :-(

Is there a way (I'm using KDevelop2.x) to use the class so that changes
effekt all projects? I don't want to use local copies, because it's a
pain in the a*s having to update both projects and mistakes easily slip
into the projects!!

CVS really also doesn't make sense, because I develop alone and I'd have
to commit all the changes abd update the other project.

I'm used to Borland's C++Builder where file-sharing isn't a problem. Is
this feature planned for Kdevelop 3??


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